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EIA Energy is proud to present our range of best-in-class energy management technology to improve your energy efficiency. Click one of the links below to learn more about our groundbreaking energy-saving products that compliment our efficiency solutions.

  • Eniscope

    Cutting edge energy-saving tool that makes your energy visible. It assess' real-time data across multiple buildings or facilities to give you a view of your energy use like you've never seen before.

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  • Eniscope Air Sense

    Multi-functional wall or ceiling mounted IoT sensor device - tracking temperature, humidity, occupancy and light levels as standard, with more variables available. Battery or mains variations.

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  • Eniscope Air Switch

    Smart IoT device designed to both monitor and directly control single-phase (plug load) assets, like food warmers and vending machines. Provides real time energy data at the asset level, as well as scheduling and logic-based control functionality with huge benefits to maintenance and energy saving.

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  • Eniscope Air Digital

    Smart IoT device designed to control three-phase assets, like commercial fryers, from the Cloud. Part of the Eniscope Air suite of products, Air Digital works in conjunction with the Air suite to control energy-abusing assets much more efficiently - delivering substantial energy cost savings.

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  • Eniscope Air Ambient

    HVAC specific solution, designed to introduce smart building functionality to air conditioning systems. Control aircon systems across whole estates from one Cloud location - setting schedules and operating by efficient, accurate temperature bands.

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  • CUES

    Reduce the pressure on your cooling units, extend their lifetime and maintain temperatures without maintaining your high energy bills.

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  • Integra

    Imagine an escalator with one person on it and another with 100. Most traditional motors driving these escalators would work at the same energy consumption... Not with Integra.

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  • VO Transformer

    The basic principal of all voltage optimisation equipment is to reduce the voltage level from that of the incoming supply which in turn, could bring down your overheads.

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